09. Start Telling a Different Story Today


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😲 Stories in our heads are not always our stories and many of them are disempowering. 00:42
😰 Jill’s story she is telling herself: feeling guilt and blame. 01:58
🥅 The purpose is to learn, grow, and love yourself no matter what. 03:02
🤷‍♀️ I love myself, but I have to look a certain way: the story that is not necessarily yours. 03:35
🛑 We were taught that our value is based on our looks: a biological imperative done wrong. 04:47
👆 The tribalistic definition of beauty mixed with survival: we only want to be included. 06:32
👧 Struggling with body image since a very young age: inner saboteur is so dangerous. 07:36
😢 Women are still struggling with the internalized message: I need to look a certain way to survive and be accepted. 09:43
▶️ Start telling a different story: this is how my body is and I'm going to love myself anyway. 10:26
💊 When you open a capability for healing: start practicing the mantra and change the story. 14:34

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