Laurnie Wilson - regressing to the past to see red flags so the future can have healthy boundaries


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It took Laurnie Wilson two years to realize that her breakup had many early elements of queer intimate partner violence (emotionally/psychologically). When this realization finally hit, she ended up using hypnosis to go back to see the red flags she missed and better understand how to create healthy boundaries, in all aspects of her life.

Through sharing our stories, Laurnie’s hope is that everyone else can “write” their own "story" in a way that’s exciting.

Today, she shows up excited to talk about a past breakup.


But before we jump into her story, I want to acknowledge that often times when stories of emotional abuse or gaslighting are shared via movies or TV, they are more often than note through the lens of a heterosexual relationship.

So I wonder, how does it feel to be a member of the LGBTQ community and go through an abusive relationship? Would you feel more inclined to say “it’s my fault!” because there aren’t a lot of relatable stories being shared?

Today, Laurnie is brave and courageous enough to share her story with us today and how a hypnosis session focused on identifying red flags helped heal her past abusive relationship.


In a hypnosis session, she regressed back to the “first red flags” of her previous romantic relationship to learn that after ignoring that first red flag, her mind figured it was OK to ignore the rest of the red flags that came after it.

In other words: Ignoring red flags has a domino effect.

That was so eye opening…. It’s important to pay attention to the small moments.

You’ll have to tune into the whole lesson to hear what the lessons is that she learned how to maintain healthy boundaries.

We are constantly re-creating ourselves with every yes or no that we choose.”

We also talked a lot about Past Life Regressions (PLRs) and regressing into the past via hypnosis and discussed ideas like:

  • What if you are scared of going back to the past?
  • What happens if we don’t address our fears, challenges and traumas?


The subconscious mind is a wild, wild place.

Laurnie shares with us some experiences she has had regressing into past lives/life between lives (like regressing back to a very pregnant, unmarried woman of the 1700s!) and the lessons that came through for her (“I can do anything.)


Laurnie reminded us that, “We are deserving of living a life that feels good” because “no one brings trauma on themselves.”

I wonder if we’d be able to “feel good” more often if we were more intentional with healthy boundaries?


Stay through to the end for a FREE HYPNOSIS that leaves you clear, clean and refreshed as you remember how wise & brave you truly are.


Laurnie Willson is a storyteller, a yoga teacher, an Ayurvedic practitioner and a hypnotherapist. She doesn't believe in fitting inside a box, or ascribing to any system that asks you to do so. Right now, she is actively exploring to understand how to live a life she really loves and helping others to do the same.

Laurnie is really excited about creating healthy boundaries, honoring deep needs and asking for what you want (for herself and her clients).

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Mae Deevy is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Aromatherapist based in Austin, Texas who is passionate about the power of the subconscious mind. She believes that what we tell ourselves are simply stories and therefore they can be redrafted, rewritten and redirected. She hosts a community membership called "Be the Change" (along side Rosy Crescitelli and Gwen Stasio) that is designed to allow you to thrive as you are designed (not as you have been told you should do/be).

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