The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life with Dr. Allen Lycka


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Dr. Allen Lycka was a successful plastic surgeon. One day he and his wife were walking in Disneyland. It was supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, but his wife knew that something was wrong by the way Allen was walking. He went to many doctors and had hundreds of tests done. His final diagnosis was ALS. He couldn't believe it, nor did he want to accept it. He started doing some research, and he came across another doctor who had similar symptoms. This doctor was also diagnosed with ALS. He realized that what he actually had was Lyme disease. He was able to treat himself and see immediate results in about two weeks. Dr. Lycka wen to visit him, and he realized that he had Lyme disease as well. In this journey of becoming healthy again, Dr. Lycka learned some valuable life lessons about mindset and determination. He used what he learned to write the book "The Secrets of Living a Fantastic Life. In it, he helps us to take life's challenging moments and give them some perspective.

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