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Найкращі Health And Well Being подкасти, які ми могли знайти
Найкращі Health And Well Being подкасти, які ми могли знайти
If one doesn't care about their health and well-being, they are at great risk of losing them. The fast pace of life made people forget about this. Listening to podcasts is a good way for people who want to take care of their health and personal well being, but don't have enough time. Aside from bringing in health tips and solutions to health problems even if you are offline, podcasts bring in the personal touch of fitness trainers, psychologists and other experts, too. In this catalog of podcasts, you can familiarize yourself with the latest health news and current health issues. Furthermore, you can learn how to protect your physical and mental well-being, change your nutrition, get rid of bad habits and improve the quality of your life. Also, you can find successful stories of people who managed to change their lives and overcome health problems, thanks to the guidance of experts, who are open for questions. Also, people who are shy or feel insecure can find podcasts which reveal the secret laws of attraction and learn how to master them as well as heal the psychological wounds they might have received in the past.

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Lifestyle by Design is hosted by Karen Jacobs, an Occupational Therapist and a professor in Occupational Therapy at Boston University. Lifestyle By Design’s motto is “helping you solve everyday challenges.” Each episode will introduce you to extraordinary people who will share with us their stories of how they addressed a challenge in their lives, as well as professionals who will share their expertise on how to handle challenges big and small.
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Karen interviews four occupational therapy students from Alvernia University, Antonia Trupio, Dana Richard, Marlena Metri, and Jenna Norris who are at Alvernia University in the Master of Occupational Therapy '21program. They share their experience in starting their own COTAD Chapter at Alvernia. COTAD, The Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocat…
Pat talks with family therapist Ron Villano who addresses why there is still so much anger. He says it's almost always not about politics or the pandemic but about unresolved issues much closer to home. See for privacy
Gabriella is a pediatric OT in Queens, NY, a BU alum, and an advocate for greater awareness and inclusion of culturally responsive approaches in OT education programs. She shares her experiences working with Spanish speaking populations in school environments and shines a light on the lack of access Spanish speaking populations face. She shares pra…
Pat talk with Dr. Zain Husain, owner of New Jersey Dermatology and Aesthetics Center in Marlboro, NJ talking about a revolution in men's skin care and cosmetic procedures. See for privacy
Dr. David Hanscom talking about his Plan A and expressive writing to deal with Covid and pain and anxiety. Hanscom's book is "Back In Control". His web site: See for privacy
Pat talks with Dr. Carl Kaplan, interim chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook Children's Hospital, discussing kids and Covid, as well as injuries kids can suffer especially at this time of year. See for privacy
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