Does Poor Sleep or Anxiety Cause Depression?


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DO YOU HAVE TROUBLE SLEEPING? DO YOU HAVE ANXIETY? COULD EITHER OF THESE CAUSE YOU TO DEVELOP DEPRESSION? Sounds like moody-brain issues to me. If you want to avoid the pit of depression, stay tuned. In today’s episode, we’ll be teasing through the details. and I’ll share with you a case study of mine to help you avoid these issues.

💎Topics Discussed in this Episode💎

✅ 05:51 Which comes first the anxiety or the depression?
✅ 08:22 Poor sleep and anxiety are linked to depressive symptoms
✅ 08:52 If you're not getting enough deep sleep you are more prone to these symptoms
✅ 15:11 Address the whole person at the genetic level
✅ 15:34 Need better sleep? Use this super simple strategy
✅ 19:11 Hormone levels start to decline around 35-40
Get your genetics checked to reduce most health issues

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