Journaling to Recovery


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Harriet Hunter has been on a long journey of sobriety and uses her experiences to help others overcome their addiction to alcoholism and drugs. Her drug of choice these days? Journaling. Harriet started this practice to finally be ‘seen’ for the first time. As someone who was always hidden in the shadows, journaling provided Harriet an outlet where she could explore her thoughts, emotions, and more in an organized way. Through journaling, Harriet found healing. Find more about her story in this week’s episode.


[2:15] A little bit about Harriet and the kind of work she does.

[3:45] Harriet started her journaling practice just to feel like she existed.

[6:00] Despite getting married and having a child, Harriet’s addiction was still going strong.

[7:15] Both Harriet’s husband and daughter, who was only 26, passed away.

[7:55] Journaling allowed Harriet to go places where she wouldn’t let herself go in ‘real life’.

[8:55] Harriet had a terrible marriage with her husband, but he would often say to her that he liked her better when she drank.

[10:00] What is journaling?

[11:30] When Harriet’s husband passed, she realized she never had been alone before.

[12:45] What’s the difference between ‘standard’ journaling and journaling with purpose?

[15:10] How does it make you feel? Harriet didn’t even know how to answer that question.

[17:30] Harriet is grateful she’s alone.

[21:25] When Harriet was watching her daughter die, she had to connect herself to a spiritual purpose.

[23:35] God wasn’t punishing Harriet.

[26:25] What is the patient bill of rights all about?

[27:35] This is a journey between Harriet and her higher power.

[28:15] Life is a big session of teaching us how to let go.

[31:55] What is Harriet’s course all about and how does she help people with a journaling practice?

[33:45] Harriet’s book was written shortly after her daughter passed away.

[36:30] Harriet is alive today to help bring peace to others.


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  • “I was successful at nothing. I had jobs to sustain my lifestyle. To pay for my addiction.”
  • “Journaling is a walk to the heart. When I pick up a pen, it allows me to see what I would not see otherwise.”
  • “I got sober online. I never had the guts to walk into a room. I was terrified.”
  • “The end goal is to find the positive and find our own truth of positivity inside of us.”

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