Different types of mental health professionals


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It is likely that unless you are a mental health professional, you may have at some point wondered what the hell is the difference between a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, counsellor, social worker, and a therapist. I get asked this question quite often. I actually had a colleague call me and ask me this question a week after I had recorded this podcast episode.

The truth is, it is a bit complicated. There are a lot of different mental health professionals. The ones listed above is not a comprehensive list. The types of mental health professionals also varies by country, as do the requirements and regulations for those professionals. To be honest, I am willing to be most mental health professionals do not even know all the different types of mental health professionals that exist out there.

When I moved to Australia I had not heard of a mental health nurse or a mental health social worker. There are luckily so many different people trained in tackling mental health that it can get overwhelming. So in this episode I decided to dive into the different types of mental health professionals.

I speak from my experience and what I have learned while working as a therapist in both the U.S. and Australia since those are the two countries I am most familiar with at the moment, but keep in mind that each country will have slight differences. Tune into this podcast episode and learn about what the differences are.

Fair warning, since I am a social worker and that is the profession I know most about out of the ones I mentioned, you will hear me sing the praises of social workers. I am passionate about raising awareness about how amazing social workers are, especially because a lot of people including me at one stage do not know that social workers can also be therapists.

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