149 - What we have seen with Covid-19 up to this point


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In today's episode, Ben and I are discussing the risk versus reward for addicts. We talk about the real risk of dying from a drug overdose as opposed to the more minimal chance of passing away from contracting COVID when traveling to a rehab facility or attending AA meetings.

Many facilities have removed group gatherings at their location. As a result, many addicts are not able to attend their rehab meetings in person. Some have been able to participate in online, however; it's easier to not go to meetings when it's no in person.

Some facilities are moving forward with meetings, requiring masks and temperature screenings. Others have locked down entirely and aren't taking anyone who isn't a part of their program, leaving addicts without options for recovery.

COVID has removed much of the community for many recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. People are afraid to catch the virus and won't go to groups, or they don't have the means to meet online. We need to build and cultivate options for people until groups open back up regularly.

Person to person meetings have a more personal feel, and Ben has made a choice to attend real-life sessions. There are restrictions in place for safety, such as masks and social distancing. Many others have decided that drug and alcohol relapse is more harmful to their health than the risk of catching COVID.

Additionally, you can’t blame COVID-19 for all of your problems or as the sole reason for going back to being an addict. COVID is a stressor and it does create anxiety, however; you have to apply the tools you learn in recovery to overcome the challenges in life.

At Rock Recovery Center, we take a humanistic approach to recovery, teaching our clients how to live independently in a sober world. We care about the success and safety of each and every one of our clients from the moment they step into our center to the future of their well-being.

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Show Notes:

  • [04:31] Benjamin discusses his personal experience with recovery.
  • [07:00] Recovery built on the aspect of community for sobriety and recovery.
  • [09:12] Ben talks about the importance of spirituality and community.
  • [12:57] Many parents are scared to send their loved ones to rehab in Florida.
  • [14:22] Being vigilant about health standards has been a key piece for reducing the spread of COVID in addiction groups.
  • [16:45] How a halfway house has more people die of drug overdose but none of their members died of COVID.
  • [18:04] The elements of building a solid foundation of recovery.
  • [22:32] Some clients were caught off-guard when they had to leave recovery.
  • [24:36] Precautions we are taking at Real Rock Recovery Center to protect our clients.
  • [27:29] Ben is glad he is continuing meetings and staying sober and clean.

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