E31: How Are Environmental Stressors Causing Inflammation In Your Body? with Maggie Berghoff


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Maggie Berghoff is an entrepreneur, and celebrity health consultant. Maggie is the founder of Celproceo, a cutting-edge health and wellness agency rooted in Functional and Integrative Medicine, trusted by celebrities, professional athletes, and CEOs/executives. Maggie has been featured in many outlets such as USA Today, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Well + Good, Under Armour, CBS, NBC, Glamour, iheartradio, national television, and several documentaries. She obtained her background in health as a Family Nurse Practitioner graduating both undergraduate and graduate school from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.

In this episode, Maggie opens the show explaining how environmental checkups work. When Maggie gets a new client, one of the first things she does is go through the six environmental stressors. The six stressors are air, water, light, sound, EMF, and food. Maggie gives tips on preventing stress in each of these categories:

  • Air
    • Focus on getting outside into nature as much as possible.
    • You have to optimize your home! Make sure that your air is circulating by opening your windows.
    • Air purifiers are fantastic! Specifically, Maggie recommends EnviroKlenz.
    • Make sure that you are changing your filters every couple of months.
  • Water
    • A lot of clients think they are drinking healthy water when they have a refrigerator filter system. The truth is, those systems do not work that well. Instead, Maggie says to look for a reverse osmosis water system – it will add back the good minerals to your water.
    • Maggie recommends using either Aquasana or Home Master for your filter needs.
    • Get some sort of shower head filter to prevent contaminants from the water.
  • Light
    • If you are struggling with diabetes, get outside, and actually see the natural sun at least three times a day.
    • Do not get bright LED lights.
    • In the evening, make sure you have some amber tone lights.
  • Sound
    • Give yourself some time where there is no sound. Your body is interpreting sound all day every day, so it will need quiet time to recharge.
  • EMF
    • EMF is like microwave radiation in your body. The good news, it’s an easy fix.
    • Make sure your phone is an arm’s length away. Another thing you can do is put it in airplane mode.
    • Do not put your laptop on your lap.
    • Disconnect whenever you can.
  • Food
    • If you eat foods that you are intolerant to, they will create inflammation in the body. Get a food intolerance test and avoid those foods.

Maggie believes that if you optimize these six things, the inflammation levels in your body will decrease immediately. When the inflammation level is knocked down, you can finally see clearer and ultimately heal your body. Inflammation can come from many things—for instance, bad water, poor air quality, and allergens.

When you think of inflammation, think of a splinter in your finger. Your finger will be red, swollen, and hurting. Imagine if there were constant hits on our body internally. After years and years, people will all of sudden experience symptoms. Inflammation will become a problem when it happens all the time.

Long-term stress will cause damage to your body. If you have loads of inflammation that is causing diabetes, you will most likely have hormonal imbalances, gut health disturbance, and thyroid issues. Inflammation is a full-body response and a systemic downfall.

There is a reason type two diabetes happened. It’s Maggie’s job to find out why. The only way she can do that is by testing what is going on in the body through a whole system’s approach. Maggie doesn’t care what sugar levels are. She cares about what is causing the sugar levels to be out of whack. Some standard tests that Maggie gives her patients are a stool examination, a food intolerance test, and a nutripanel.

Stay tuned as Maggie describes the importance of knowing your metabolic type. Plus, Maggie explains why getting your lab tests done is financially worth the price.

Key Takeaways:

[ 1:15 ] About environmental checkups [ 3:30 ] Where inflammation comes from [ 5:40 ] When inflammation becomes a problem [ 8:45 ] The six environmental stressors [ 22:10 ] Common tests that Maggie gives her patients [ 26:30 ] About your metabolic type [ 31:45 ] Why getting your lab tests is financially worth it [ 36:00 ] Maggie gives her final advice

Mentioned in this Episode:

Maggie’s Website: https://maggieberghoff.com/ Maggie’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maggie_berghoff/ Maggie’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maggieberghoff/ EnviroKlenz: https://enviroklenz.com/maggie-berghoff/ Aquasana: https://www.aquasana.com Home Master: https://www.homemasterfilters.com Trace Elements: https://www.traceelements.com

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