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The Dynamic Duo of Defiance

Natalie Areceneaux and Shantera Chatman are The Dynamic Duo of Defiance (TDDOD). Social media and others who don’t matter would have you believe that in order to succeed, you have to follow rules set by people you don’t know and who don’t have your best interest at heart. The Dynamic Duo of Defiance says, “STOP IT!”. Stop listening to others. Stop caring so much if “they” don’t like you. Start being a little more selfish and care more about what makes you happy and what will bring you succes ...
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Everyone has had a "WHY ME MOMENT". When the storms of life strike us, we often ask the question WHY ME? This is a reminder that you should not allow the enemy to trap you in the “why me?” Just remember who you are and that whether you are on the mountain or in the valley, you are his chosen. Periodt!…
Natalie Arceneaux and Shantera Chatman are The Dynamic Duo of Defiance(TDDOD). Listen in as they discuss new California laws for women on corporate boards as well as the hashtag Me Too movement. SUBSCRIBE to the podcast to get more of TDDOD.The Dynamic Duo of Defiance
Did you know Shantera and Natalie wrote a book? Well, they did. Listen as TDDOD discuss their book, Embrace Resistance, How to Conquer Your Critics. Join them as they give you the book highlights. SUBSCRIBE to the podcast to stay up to date on TDDOD and where they will travel to spread Bold Disobedience love!…
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