Ep14 (part 2) - International Medicine and Earthquake Relief in Haiti, Dr. Ron Israelski at Orthopedic Relief Services International


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On this episode we had the opportunity to continue our intense discussion about international healthcare with Dr. Ronald Israelski at the Chester, NY headquarters of Orthopedic Relief Services International (ORSI). Dr. Israelski has been an Assistant Clinical Professor at NYU for well over 20 years, and a practicing orthopedist for over 30 years. He has created a legacy of expanding both the clinical and education infrastructure of his New York community and that of the neighboring country of Haiti.
Just 2 days before our session, on August 14, 2021, a large earthquake hit Haiti with a force even greater than that which devastated this already vulnerable country on January 12, 2010. During the discussion, the increasing number of incoming texts and phone calls from Haiti and Dr. Israelski’s American colleagues reminded us of the urgency and reality of the ongoing situation in Haiti.
Dr. Israelski continues the discussion by explaining in detail about the mission and unique organizational approach of ORSI. He emphasizes that any truly effective and sustainable relief effort must be guided and driven by the people in need. He warns that to superimpose the models of care derived from other communities or nations will inevitably exclude a large proportion of the population being attended to and will not establish the infrastructure or clinical and educational resources required to establish longevity nor high quality of care. He strives to create Partners in care, not Dependents.
Most importantly, he again emphasizes the foundation of Trust and Compassion that must underlie any healthcare endeavor, at home or in another nation. He clearly believes that American physicians and clinicians derive invaluable professional experience and life lessons when participating in International Healthcare efforts, that translate to becoming a better healthcare professional. His recipe for success includes Resiliency, Ingenuity, Grit and, above all, Compassion.
Dr. Ron finishes by running in between phone calls from Haiti to thank all his colleagues who have made the ongoing work in Haiti possible.
If you would like to learn more about how you can contribute to the Haitian relief effort at Orthopedic Relief Services International, please visit https://orsinternational.org/.

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