Take a Step Back #3 - A Review of Episodes 8 to 11, Dr. Jamee Goldstein and Angela Ho


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In our third Take A Step Back episode we take the opportunity to look back over Episodes 8 through 11. Our host, Dr. Eric Fethke, is joined by two guests - a third year medical student, Angela Ho, and an experienced practicing pediatrician, Dr. Jamee Goldstein. Together they reflect on the lessons gleaned from these four episodes including:

Ep 8 (Parts 1&2) - Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young, Parent Heart Watch Team.

  • Awareness should not be taken for granted.
  • It takes a multifaceted approach to address healthcare issues such as sudden cardiac death.
  • People with passion and a commitment to making life better-even after their own losses-can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Ep 9 (Parts 1&2) - Let Life be a Little Messy, Dr. Maya Shetreat.

  • Medical Advances require going outside of traditional norms to create innovation and improvements in science and medical care.
  • Health means more than just the absence of disease - it requires biologic and psychological balance within and outside our individual selves.

Ep 10 - Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Dr. Meghna Dassani.

  • A multi-specialty approach is required to best address a medical problem that is as individualized as OSA - there is no one size fits all.
  • Medical conditions are interconnected.
  • The earlier we recognize and treat a condition, the better long term outcomes.

Ep 11 - Lawyers and Doctors, Steve Tannenbaum.

  • Lawyers use Malpractice Litigation to uphold the medical standards established by physicians.
  • Laws can promote actions within communities and schools that save lives.
  • Doctors and lawyers are allies, not adversaries in promoting quality healthcare.

This hour-long reflection proved once again to be insightful and complimentary to our prior guest experts’ contributions. The reflections of our guest students and seasoned physicians continue to bring new perspectives to our podcast. The Take-A-Step-Back format moves us along our journey of empowerment through knowledge enhanced by our engagement in open discussion.

Next time on Episode 15, the Pursuit of Health podcast breaks new ground as we travel across the seas to South Africa. In this three part series Dr. Fethke is excited to introduce his esteemed guest and dear friend Mr. Sagie Pillay, to discuss the shared experiences and lessons about America’s and South Africa’s healthcare systems, the HIV experience, and the current Covid-19 pandemic.
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