042: We Care


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In this episode, we argue that Caretakers (or carers) deserve the right to be full-fledged members in our Epilepsy Community.

“He takes care of me more than I could ever take care of him.” – Angelina Simms @angelinasimms

While we can never truly describe what a seizure feels like to a person who has never had one, carers (and especially Carers of small children) can tell anyone what it feels like to live with Epilepsy. It is time that we gave them the respect they deserve.

Thank You to Our Contributors

We really appreciate Mary Overfield and Angelina Simms for their help with this episode. The quotes and pictures they provided for this post and our youtube video really hammers home just how difficult the life of a carer truly is.

I am often asked what it is like to have a child with intractable epilepsy. I compare it to having a newborn 24 / 7 for our daughter’s whole life. She needs care around the clock, to be in our line of vision at all times & we have to be on constant seizure alert. It can be exhausting, isolating, and emotionally draining.
Mary Overfield

Do You Care?

Was this episode helpful? Are you a carer for someone with Epilepsy? Are you a person with Epilepsy that has a carer? We would love to hear your story. You can always reach us via email at social@brainablaze.com or on Twitter at @BrainAblaze.

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We know your time is valuable. We really appreciate you spending it with us listening to our show. Thank you so much for your support.

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