Step Eight of the 12 Steps: We Made a List of All Persons We Had Wronged, and Became Willing to Make Amends to Them All - Kemah Palms Recovery Kemah, Texas 77565


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In every relationship, is terrifying to think that everything got broken because of our misbehavior, and sometimes their faults. there are always a few stubbornly proud people who consider an impatient word or neglected thank-you fair cause to snub someone for life. Chances are, if your substance abuse problem has lasted any length of time, you’ll finish your list, take a good look at it–and experience a major burst of panic. Remember, you are responsible only for your own actions. The refusal of an apology or reparation doesn’t negate all value in your having offered it; you have done what you could by showing your willingness to accept responsibility. Let it go and consider your duty done. The other party may come around eventually; in any case, you needn’t let the problem continue to weigh you down. Whatever eventually comes of your amends, in being willing to offer them you have taken your first step toward a fresh start. Learn more about our Steps to healing and sanity from our 12 Steps Program, reach Kemak Palms at:

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