On Colonization with Indigenous Vision: Souta Calling Last and Tyler Walls


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Welcome to the New Gregorian Year 2021 – or I as am calling it 2020 the bad extended mix. In this podcast and the next we will look at the cultural concepts of Colonization and Indigenization.

This podcast will reflect on the events of Dec 6th. From a Native Lens with our thoughts and feelings on the matter.

We will talk about Colonization, What is it? (systems of violence, harm, marginalization, and exploitation). How oppressed groups have been hurt by Colonization. How each of us has been poisoned by Colonization and Colonial Thinking. This podcast attempts to help us unpack what I feel the root of so many issues of racism, sexism, classism, patriarchy, white supremacy, oligarchy come from and why and how they repeat.

Warning the S word is used in this podcast which is a very derogatory term for native women. This words rough literal translation is the very harmful curse word (the C word). I chose not to bleep it out because I wanted you to hear the pain in Souta’s voice to better understand the pain associated with it for Native Women. We are not calling anyone this word but rather talk about its harmful effects much as will do at time with slurs like the N word, or in our community the R word to better understand the impact of these harmful patterns of pain.

That being said if this was a blessing to you go to www.indigenousvision.org and donate to this amazing 501c3 and aid their attempts to indigenize the world for the betterment of all. Or register for the cultural humility trainings for FREE at https://www.indigenousvision.org/culturalhumility/

And if you want to reach out to me please do so at inclusiveactivism@cox.net or learn more about my work at www.inclusiveactivism.com

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