Meggie Houle: Finish What You Start


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In this episode...

I have a conversation with hypnotherapist, best selling author, and ADHD specialist Meggie Houle, about embodying and becoming someone who finishes what they start. If you feel like you go day to day, task to task in an unsatisfactory way that is weighing down on your spirit- this episode is for you. Meggie shares why we might fall into the trap of always feeling anxious about the next to-do item on our list and how to break free so that you can achieve your goals while living your best life.

We dive into:

  • Pressure to perform, over-achiever identity, and unconscious patterns
  • Establishing boundaries with yourself first
  • Navigating distractors intentionally and intelligently
  • Why Meggie's life-changing injury taught her the importance of stillness, time management and living authentically
  • How hypnosis helped Meggie change her unconscious patterns and beliefs
  • Body work to regulate emotions and reactions (starts in the body, the mind follows)

Meggie Houle helps people stay on track and finish what they start. As an international best selling author, hypnotist teacher and spinal injury survivor she offers a unique set of tools to help people unlock what is keeping them from the task at hand. From her work with people who have ADHD to workshops on goal setting, she gets audiences conquering fears and staying on track.

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