Chapter 11 - Emotions and Feelings - from my new book, Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening?


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My book seeks to empower you with the knowledge of how the unconscious speaks as well as a framework for exploring those messages, which come in many forms, including emotions and how we use feelings to label those emotions. This is the topic of Chapter 11.
Family gatherings are great opportunities to explore the deeper meaning of your emotions. What are your family gatherings like? For many, the predictability of drama creates great stress long before the holiday, Thanksgiving for example. You know your father is going to light that match, and your brother will oblige by taking the bait. It’s almost like they can’t help it. They really can’t. You’ll tell yourself that you can try to manage the tension or that you’ll try to ignore it, and you can’t seem to stop your predictable sobbing, which is the only thing that disrupts the movie that you’re all involuntarily living.
enjoy this introduction to how your emotions have more meaning than you realize.

Let’s get started . . .
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Deborah Lukovich, PhD

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