The Sulphuric Secrets Episode 8: Heaven's Gate Pt. II


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Today we finish the two-parter on the mass-suicide cult, "Heaven's Gate".

In episode seven, it was revealed that a seemingly minor detail of Marshall Applewhite's early life was actually a "Sulphuric Secret"; a key to the timeline that eventually lead him to shepherd 38 others to their deaths.

Today, we explore this in more detail - and reveal yet another big twist with a second 'Sulphuric Secret' - one that ties the Heaven's Gate cult to the broader, centuries-spanning narrative of The Sulphuric Secrets series.

Although this series is a work of fiction, viewers who are fans of the true crime genre will appreciate some surprising, and unsettling discoveries made about the (already unsettling) Heaven's Gate cult, expanded upon in the episode.

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