The Sulphuric Secrets Episode 9: Black Powder and White Powder


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The most epic and ambitious episode yet in terms of scope, today we tell a tale of corruption, conspiracy, magic, the occult and Hollywood to rival classics like "LA Confidential".

The rise and fall of the Hollywood Studio system was only across the road from, and occuring at the same time as Jack Parsons was heralding the beginning of rocket science. Two subjects that seem to have nothing in common. But like the true meaning of the word 'occult' - their connection is "hidden from view".

"Black Powder and White Powder" unites the Yin and Yang of this great city, during this unbelievable time. Expect the usual cast of sinister characters as fact and fiction are mixed to uncover this huge Sulphuric Secret - the magical history of Los Angeles from the 1900s - 1940s.

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Jack Parsons, Black Powder, JPL and "The Suicide Squad":

The History of Solid Rocket Propulsion and Aerojet

Hollywood Babylon, Kenneth Anger, 1959

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