TOP Fitness, Weight Loss, & Nutrition Questions ANSWERED with Ruston Webb EP 14


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Ruston Webb is the founder of The Muscular Gentleman online men’s coaching program and the host of The Muscular Gentleman Podcast.
He holds a master’s degree in Human Movement (Kinesiology) and over 16 different certifications in fitness, nutrition, and post-rehab.
He is the creator of The Mobility Recipe an online course for fitness professionals, online coaches, and gym owners to educate them on mobility training for injury prevention, optimizing performance, and minimizing pain.
He is the creator of the Knee, Shoulder, and Low-Back Pain Solutions which are follow-along video-based programs for both fit pros and consumers who want to move their way out of pain and live their best life!
He is also the creator of the 28-Day Mobility Challenge for people who want to move their absolute best and enjoy moving more functionally and pain free!
Ruston has been a fitness expert for over 20 years in the industry and draws upon his vast knowledge and experience to deliver programs, coaching, and tools for people to maximize their fitness efforts in the most practical way.
He is a former gym owner of 11 years and has now moved into the online space to maximize his efforts on impacting the world and helping men reclaim their true masculinity and become powerful assets for their family, jobs, and those around them!
His passion for fitness and helping men live their best life centers around 5 Key Pillars in The Muscular Gentleman online men’s coaching program:
1) Fitness 2) Nutrition 3) Masculine Mindset 4) Accountability/Coaching 5) Community
In this episode Ruston covers common fitness and nutrition questions, myths, and typical bad practices among fitness enthusiasts.
Enjoy this episode as he breaks down how to improve your approach to your fitness journey and uncovers the truth behind often failed attempts to a long sustainable journey!
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