03: The Pathogenic Factors: Damp, with TCM Dr. Lee Smith


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In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are considered to be numerous external causes of disharmony that relate to climatic conditions. They are known as the ‘pathogenic factors’. Today’s episode is an introduction to these pathogenic factors as we discuss one that you may be all too familiar with; Damp. You may have heard us mention this factor previously, or perhaps you are hearing about it for the first time. If you’re not digesting food well and therefore experiencing symptoms such as mucus, inflammation, cellulite and brain fog - dampness may be your worst enemy. Either way, the knowledge shared by TCM Dr. Lee Smith throughout this episode is sure to be helpful in identifying whether one has damp causing disharmony in the body. Tune in to learn more about the characteristics of damp, how one may attain it through lifestyle factors and how one may feel when affected by it. ABOUT TCM DR. LEE SMITH Doctor Lee Smith has studied Chinese medicine and health from several teachers, and been influenced in natural medicine and Qi gong, from an early age. His gentle nature and devotion to the internal arts, allows him to guide through difficult cases with personal experience, providing a treatment and sound advice that will lead you on the right track to recovery. Starting massage at home in his teen years, he began professional training in the sunshine coast, with a 2 year Advanced Diploma of Shiatsu massage and acupuncture, which lead to the discovery of his natural talent and calling in life. ​Continuing to Melbourne he delved deeper into Chinese Medicine Completing a 4 year bachelor of health science -Chinese medicine (Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine). In addition to undergoing Rigorous Training in the Xing MIng Qi Gong (meditation) System, From His Chinese Qi Gong Master , Master Liu. Website: Instagram: CONTACT USTo view our full range of Traditional Chinese Restoratives, please click . If you have any questions, you can reach us at FEEDBACK: If you love TCM Honoured by Your Tea and the information shared, please leave a review and subscribe over on .

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