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In this conversation with Donato Tramuto, we discuss the compassionate leadership gap that exists today, and how we, as leaders, can fix it.
The old way of managing just doesn’t work anymore. An authoritarian approach to running your business doesn’t lead to trust, cooperation, or long-term well-being.
What you need is a compassionate approach.
In fact, compassionate leadership is what will make your job easier and more rewarding. So, why does this gap in compassion exist today?
Well, as Donato Tramuto points out, the average age of a CEO is 59 years old. The average age of half of the workers below the CEO is under 40 years old. This often means that leaders and employees were brought up to view leadership and work in very different ways.
This gap is also what creates age biases. Older people assume the younger generation has poor work ethic and are just technologically savvy. The younger generation assumes the older generation is no longer relevant or able to change.
Both are false.
The only way to break down these biases is with more communication, more trust, and more compassion. There's nothing weak about being kind.
If there’s one thing that Donato Tramuto reveals in this interview, it’s that in order to make the world better, it takes all of us working together. And that can only start with compassion.
00:55 - The compassionate leadership gap
05:12 - The problem with age biases
11:48 - Why you need to build trust before culture
17:54 - How compassionate leadership can increase your well-being
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