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Afterlife TV from the Vault: Using a movie as our foundation for discussing the afterlife, this interview resulted in an insightful conversation about our spiritual journey back home to the spirit world after our lives have ended. One need not view the movie to gain benefit from this episode. Even more, my guest’s gentle and kind soul — his spirituality and gratitude evident throughout the interview — warmed my heart just being in his presence (even virtually). I think you’ll agree that his words and demeanor are as loving and contagious as the content of our conversation.

This is one of my earliest interviews on Afterlife TV. I had the rare opportunity to talk with Wagner de Assis, the writer/director of the movie, Astral City (titled Nosso Lar in Portuguese, which means Our Home). Wagner wrote the script based on one of the most famous books in Brazil, also titled Nosso Lar, which was channeled by mega-famous medium, Chico Xavier. Not surprising, Wagner’s movie broke box office records in Brazil when it was released.

I think you’ll enjoy this interview that covers a lot of ground spiritually, including love, peace, forgiveness, action and reaction, the concept of hell, and the knowing that physical death is merely a transition and return to our true home. Please let me know what you enjoy about it most.

Sending you enough love to last ten lifetimes,
Bob Olson AfterlifeTV.com, BobOlson.com

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