7 Afterlife Insights for Doctors, Nurses & Healthcare Workers


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I thought I’d create a special episode for the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers who are dealing with a lot of death while sacrificing a great deal in order to help all of us during this worldwide health crisis. I feel inspired to share seven insights that I’ve gained during my chosen calling of the last 23 years, because I believe it might be helpful to them at this time. If you know a doctor, nurse or healthcare worker who might benefit from this, I hope you’ll share it with them.

I’ve watched the video footage on TV of so many doctors and nurses who are exhausted, depleted, disheartened and mourning the loss of more patients than they ever imagined losing during their careers. And it seems that this tragic reality in which they now find themselves, struggling to combat a seemingly random and compassionless nemesis, is only going to escalate before we have a treatment or preventative measure to begin turning it around.

Every time I hear a doctor or nurse speak about their anguish, I think to myself, I wish for their sake that they knew what I have learned from my odd-yet-illuminating calling. Because what I’ve learned, which I’ve been sharing with others for two decades now, has proven to ease the harsh sting of grief. Sometimes it helps a lot. Sometimes it helps just a little. Yet even a slight lessening of one’s grief can mean the difference between moving forward or being stuck. This episode offers a nutshell explanation of what I’ve learned that may help healthcare workers suffering in this way.

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