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Try to be less vulnerable and more suspicious, because we are back for our second season of new/old Wie is de Mol recaps! Over these nine weeks, two guys who you would never find dressed as a chess piece on national television - Logan & Michael - are looking back on our second old season of Wie is de Mol - 2017's offering in Oregon, continuing with the third episode and elimination of Roos. As a special treat, we're also joined by our good friend David Bindley for this episode!

In this episode, Bindles goes full Australian, we wonder if a rule was implemented because of this group, we question whether Jeroen would steal a Mole book, Michael explains why it's not too far-fetched for a clue to be on the money, we work out what our symbols would be, we try and guess what they drew for Sigrid, Logan tries to interpret a clue, we have some insider information for next week, there's the third set of suspicions and Bindles finally gets a catchphrase.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael, Logan & Bindles directly! We will see you next week!

Please note: This season is intended on being spoiler-free, so please watch the episodes along with us. Unlike our previous trips back to Mole History, this season does not feature a spoiler section at the end of the podcast, as Logan hasn't seen it! Any season we have already covered (18-21; Renaissance) are fair game though - and as someone from this season did appear on Renaissance, there may be some references to their placement in that season.

Additional note: Roos may not be able to lie, but she will be missed...briefly.

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