Switzerland on the Brain


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Give Phil his dollar back, as we are back for our first ever season of old Amazing Race recaps - Amazing Race 3! Over these thirteen weeks, three people who would never deliberately hit their partner when opening a clue - Logan, Michael & Michelle are recapping the season, continuing with the seventh leg and elimination of Andre & Damon!

In this episode, Michael & Michelle celebrate 100 episodes together, Kasperle is creepy, we spot an easy choice between Paris & Zurich, we wonder whether teams could have used trains instead of flying, there's more praise of Flo's language skills, Michael wonders if the clue writers were being a bit passive-aggressive, the villains of the season emerge, we look at whether the Fast Forward this leg would ever be done again, Logan shares his memories of Derek & Drew's navigational blow-up, Andre & Damon get eulogised and we ask whether this leg was meant to be a non-elimination.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Logan, Michael & Michelle directly! Thank you for listening - we will see you next week for Leg 8!

Please note: This episode is intended on being spoiler-free - however, as with our other historical recaps, this episode may contain references to episodes that we have already covered - namely from Seasons 23-32; Australia 3; Canada 2-5 and Asia 5. These episodes do skirt the lines of spoilers a little more than normal, due to the slightly more...infamous aspects of the season.

Additional note: Every episode this season is a stone-cold classic. Yes, even the Mexico ones.

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