Tame the Hysteria: Creating a Sane Discussion About Trans Kids in Sports


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Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee said Wednesday that transgender girls should be banned from playing on middle and high school sports teams or they will “destroy women's sports.” “When transgender athletes compete against women, women’s sports are no longer women’s sports; they become unisex athletic events,” Utah Representative Mike Lee has said in a statement. Tennis star Martina Navratilova opposes "an all-inclusive situation where trans men and women, just based on their self I.D., would be able to compete with no mitigation, no rules outside of that whatsever. And that clearly would not be a level playing field." Navratilova was among those who launched the Women's Sports Policy Working Group on Tuesday to work for a "science-based, ethical approach" to "establish a middle ground that both protects girls' and women's sport and accommodates transgender athletes." Nikki Haley has declared about transgender teens in sports: "If this trend isn’t stopped, the achievements of so many brave women over so many years will be erased." A recent article in the LGBTQ publication The LA Blade, that explained the facts and reasonable approaches was met with disdain by some fighting for transgender rights. As this issue heats up, and conservative forces are hellbent that it will heat up, what is the rational arguement going to be? Today we talk to our resident analyst Brynn Tannehill, Author of Everything You Want to Know About Being Trans But Were Afraid to Ask , and Brody Levesque, editor of the LA Blade.

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