Mortal Kombat – 1995 – ep 104


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Fire up the Sega Genesis and GET OVER HERE! It's "Mortal Kombat" from 1995, which is still better than 99 percent of all movies based on video games. What's the one percent that tops it, you ask? "Sonic the Hedgehog," obviously. Look, "Mortal Kombat" isn't spectacular by any stretch, and boy howdy, some of these performances would definitely qualify as career fatalities, but you've got to give director Paul W.S. Anderson and his team some credit for the amount of fighting and implied carnage they muster out of a low-budget, PG-13 video game adaptation. Come on! You've got a four-armed partial animatronic operating at the efficiency of the "Jaws" shark, Billy Madison's teacher fighting a dude with a laser eye, and Christopher Lambert laughing at everything as God of Thunder Thor...errr Raiden. Tyler and Angela discuss it all, giving props to the inspired set design and that bangin' techno needle drop at the start of the film. Honestly, nothing really tops the first 10 seconds. Oh well! They also dive deep into the concept of a "flawless victory" and try to understand why the bad guy Shang Tsung doesn't seem to understand the rules of his own fighting tournament. The Old Millennials also discuss the new "Mortal Kombat" movie, which is honestly pretty terrible. For one, the new Raiden laughs at NOTHING. Also discussed in this episode of Old Millennials Remember Movies: The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021) Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (2021) Stowaway (2021) Mare of Easttown (TV miniseries) Check out these related past episodes of OMRM: Street Fighter (1994) - episode 34 The Last Dragon (1985) - episode 37 Bad Boys (1995-2020) - episode 68

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