Beverly Hills Cop – 1984 – ep105


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If you get room service delivered to your car while you're on a stakeout, chances are you're about to get a banana in your tailpipe. It's another masterful Eddie Murphy performance in the action-comedy "Beverly Hills Cop." Operating in a fairly standard cop procedural plot, Murphy elevates every scene as the impulsive, insubordinate and fast-talking Axel Foley. He's so awesome he gets his own kick-ass theme song. "Beverly Hills Cop" fills in the rest with a solid collection of supporting players too, from John Ashton and Judge "My Name is Judge" Reinhold as a couple of bumbling California coppers and "Breaking Bad's" Jonathan Banks as a ruthless killer (not a stretch). Oh, did we mention the banana gag? Yeah, the banana gag is EVERYTHING. The Old Millennials kick off the "Summer of Bruckheimer" with one of the early hits from producing mega-team Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson. The hosts discuss the legacy of "Beverly Hills Cop" as a model for subsequent cop movies, as well as the curious case of director Martin Brest - a dude who made some good movies before everyone remembered him for directing "Gigli." We also talk about trucks full of stolen cigarettes, practical (and slow-moving) car chases and, for some reason, the differences between "Three Blind Mice" and "Hot Cross Buns." Did we mention how much Judge Reinhold rules in this movie? If you need more evidence, just check out "Mock Trial with J. Reinhold." Also discussed in this episode of Old Millennials Remember Movies: Dragonslayer (1981) Army of the Dead (2021) The Woman in the Window (2021) Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) Mare of Easttown (2021) Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Season 3 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) The 100 (final season) Note: Main feature discussion begins around the 35 minute mark. Check out previous episodes featuring Bruckheimer hits: Bad Boys Trilogy (1995-2020) episode 68 Days of Thunder (1990) episode 41

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