The Lies We Tell and Are Told About Money


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Episode 229: The Lies You Tell and Are Told About Money with Chella Diaz Have you ever stopped to think about where and how you learned about money? Most likely, it was growing up in your home. No matter what your childhood was like, your beliefs about money started there. Those beliefs have impacted how you spend, save, and feel about debt. We have been told many stories about money, and much of what we have been told is a lie. One of the biggest myths is that we shouldn’t talk about money. In this episode, we are joined by Money Coach Chella Diaz, and we talk all about money. We break down some of the lies we’ve been told, how to get passed them, and what you can do to achieve financial independence. And, I’ll just say, it’s not just about how much money you make or how profitable your business is. Chella is passionate about empowering people to master their money skills. She helps her clients identify and release their money baggage so they can set and achieve their financial goals. She has been called to learn various healing modalities and has earned over 15 certifications as a financial coach and spiritual leader. Are you ready to unpack what’s not serving you, to make space for the right beliefs and tools to create success in your life? Tune in as we dive into the lies we have learned about money and how you can change your money story to create financial abundance. Connect with Chella: Connect with your host, Carolyn:

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