Getting Emotional: End of Season 1


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It's The End! (Kind of.) It's the last episode of the series, so it's time to look back with a little rewind and recap. Over the last few weeks I've spoken to a lot of incredible people, and sometimes I didn't get time to include everything they told me in the main episodes. So in this one, you can hear extra snippets from Rankin (who also accidentally gives the most hilarious answer to a question I've ever had), Danny Wallace, Dr L, and Rosalie Craig. (From the episodes on vemodalen, goya, limerence, and philoprogenitiveness.)

I also have some extra emotions for you I haven't managed to squeeze in anywhere else- including the thoroughly depressing mutterseelenallein and the joyous basorexia. (I'm not telling you what they are- you have to listen to find out, right?) They may or may not make full episodes in the future, but for now, I thought I would leave you with some new emotions to chew on.

And finally, I'll give you a little teaser on who features in the next series. It's going to be a really good one, I promise...

Thanks so much for listening- this has been so much fun to research, write, present and produce. If you're wondering, in the last few weeks Getting Emotional had thousands of downloads, been featured in the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, The Observer, and a bunch of local papers. It's also hit the number 1 spot in Apple's documentary chart, and been featured in the Great British Podcasts newsletter. If that's series 1, just think what we can do in series 2!

Of course, none of this would happen without any listeners, so thank you so much for listening and subscribing. If you'd like to get in touch, please do leave a review and drop me a comment, or find me on twitter @getemotionalpod. I'll see you in a few weeks!

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