Gentleman Jack Historical Nightcap - Anniana: A Saga of Sapphic Ennui Part I


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Hey ho Grubbleteers & greetings from Quarantine! It's been way too long, and we've missed you. Since you last heard from the us the world has changed rather drastically, but what hasn't changed is just how much Mariana makes us scream. And while we may have suffered through a half dozen emotional crisis to get here, the point is, we made it! We're here at the start of our most epic #HistoricalNightcap yet, the story of Anniana. The grubbles, the fights, the infidelity, the betrayals- we explore it all in this next series from #GentlemanJackCrack

But FIRST, some news. A few pretty amazing things happened towards the end of the 2019 that some of you may already know about. Suffice to say, our volume gets excessive and the gin bottle emptied with nary a gaucherie in site.

As always, we love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out and follow us on all the things for daily talk of grubbling @gentlemancrack @gentlemanjackcrack

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Chapter Marks:

10:54 - We begin drunk and raving about our cookies


24:15 - The queer circle of life

26:17 - Soo... we watched episode 8

27:21 - The giveaway! Some of you are actually doing it!

28:00 - Can we talk about Anne Lister's finale look for a second?

35:27 - Back to Jill Liddington and queer HERstory


48:01 - Back to the Anne Lister finale aesthetic *heart eyes*

57:30 - Patron Saint of Thirst World Tour: Next stop, Halifax!

1:02:55 - And so begins the Anniana Saga

1:05:09 - But first... Script Breakdowns with Sally

1:06:08 - A triangle of attention at breakfast

1:10:53 - Marian jaunts like Anne when she's upset

1:12:17 - 1st deleted scene: Ghost Tales of Grooms Past

1:19:05 - Anne & Steph have a conversation with a deleted mention

1:23:01 - A very different coal meeting with Christopher Rawson

1:30:04 - A shook Rawson & a jauntier ending to Anne's speech

1:33:29 - Anne informs her lawer of her wild decision

1:34:29 - Deleted lines before Anne departs from Shibden

1:39:23 - END OF PART 1

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