Gentleman Jack Crack - "Why've You Brought That?" Part IV


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CW: discussions on suicide, self harm

Nearly 2 hours to talk about the final 10min of episode 7? Why yes of course, because it was A LOT! Sally delivers an exquisite sequence of events for us to analyze. There's surrealism, magic mirrors, and quite possibly the best 4th wall break so far.

We return from our 3rd and final WHISKERmission with a bit of stalling as we mention a listener's recent inquiry about she-sheds and musings on Anne's first love, Eliza Raine. During the latter half of the episode we discuss Ann Walker, self harm, and known fandom opinions on this aspect of her story. These topics are very intense, please remember to always prioritize your mental health when listening.

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Chapter Marks:

2:12 - Candice nerds out a bit about she-sheds

9:13 - Stalling with random information about Anne's first love

18:37 - No more stalling and we finally resume the recap

20:48 - Tangent: stanning all the Lady Trieu's!

24:23 - Heartbreak in Scotland & magic mirrors on the Isle of Lesbos

33:13 - Surrealism used as a tool to expand the story

39:34 - "She came so close"

41:04 - "Don’t Leave Me..."

43:15 - Anne Lister's clothing as "armor"

44:51 - Brought back to reality with Mariana's couple fight

45:43 - Eugenie is all the way done with Thomas, just like we are

49:09 - Anne jaunts off with the most visceral 4th wall break to date

52:05 - Elizabeth finds Ann Walker in a not so great state

53:34 - Discussing Ann Walker IRL vs her fictional self harm

1:05:31 - Another rant on Mariana criticizing Anne's friends

1:10:42 - Back to Ann Walker in the dolefuls in Scotland

1:12:15 - Terrance's ridiculous predictions for episode 8

1:18:12 - The next #HistoricalNightcap is going to be the most jaunty yet!

1:20:21 - Discussing the previews for next week

1:23:13 - The incredible roster of season 1 women directors

1:28:39 - Back to the previews for the season finale

1:34:30 - Omg we did it, we've made it to the end!!

1:39:42 - Please remember to visit and donate to the AWMF if you can!

1:41:18 - People out there love you, we love you, reach out if you ever need help- a rundown

1:42:38 - So this mothafuckin giveaway... let us give you things!!!

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