203: Leading in Higher Education & Why We Must Prioritize Relationships with Heather Thompson Day


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What does it mean to wait on God when it feels like it might not be your turn to do the next big thing or lead the next charge? What do we do in the waiting? How do we live and lead well when we’re asked to pause? What should we focus on in the meantime?

In this conversation, you’ll hear from teacher & leader, Heather Thompson Day. Heather recounts her leadership journey and how she uses that leadership in the college classroom these days. Heather is a faithful professor who is teaching the next generation to communicate more authentically, wait well, and more.

She’s passionate about investing in relationships, and how those relationships can lead to a richer and fuller life. Her insights and wisdom are full of depth as she unpacks her thoughts on leadership in higher education and prioritizing the relationships we find ourselves in.

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