295 - Cognitive and Behavioural Changes in Alzheimer's Disease: June 2022


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This episode contains a whole range of topics in cognitive and behavioural changes in AD! Tune in as Judy covers a variety of papers published in June 2022, spanning from from sensory processing in mouse models to antidepressants in human patients. There's bound to be something that piques your interest!

Sections in this episode:

Studies Using Mouse Models (2:03)

Sensory Processing (7:15)

Behavioural Changes in AD (13:08)

Cognitive Changes in AD (15:49)

Neuropsychiatric Changes in AD (19:45)


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Our team of volunteers works tirelessly each month to bring you every episode of AMiNDR. This episode was scripted and hosted by Judy Cheng, edited by Chihiro Abe, and reviewed by Anusha Kamesh. The bibliography and wordcloud were created by Lara Onbasi (www.wordart.com).

Big thanks to the sorting team for taking on the enormous task of sorting all of the Alzheimer’s Disease papers into episodes each month. For June 2022, the sorters were Sarah Louadi, Eden Dubchak, Ben Cornish, Naila Kuhlmann, and Elyn Rowe. Also, props to our management team, which includes Sarah Louadi, Ellen Koch, Naila Kuhlmann, Elyn Rowe, Anusha Kamesh, and Lara Onbasi for keeping everything running smoothly.

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