Indie Alt-Rock band the Resounding Maybes: Sine Qua Non & Star Trek


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The Resounding Maybes recently released their debut album, Sine Qua Non, featuring a mix of alternative rock songs with a dream-pop flavor. Guitarist/vocalist Patrick O’Conner and keyboardist/vocalist Savannah O’Conner join us today to discuss their incredible music and inspiration, and why Sine Qua Non is a must-add for your music collection.

About the Resounding Maybes

The Resounding Maybes existed in the minds of its members for years, though it would take a global catastrophe to finally urge the project into corporeal form. Equal parts nervous energy, melodic craft and spacey atmospherics, guitarist/vocalist Patrick O'Connor and keyboardist/vocalist Savannah O'Connor write alt-rock songs with a dream-pop flavor. Faint echoes of 80's forbears such as the Cure, the Pixies and the Jesus and Mary Chain are combined with textures and moods more commonly associated with the shoegaze of Lush, Ride, Slowdive and the Pale Saints. The result sounds both of a simpler time but also timeless; the fusion of a half-remembered, nostalgic past and a desperate, day dream-laden present. With the addition of guitarist Ed Cho, the band released the Arms of Loss EP in the fall of 2020, followed in 2021 by the debut full-length, Sine Qua Non. The Resounding Maybes strike a balance between melodic heft and breezy tone, as pushed through a wind tunnel for maximum effect.

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