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Hey Worship Leader / Pastor! Has planning your services, making music, producing content got you in the preverbal "rut"? It's time to be mind blown and to unlock your creative genius!

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🧑‍🎨 Rich Kirkpatrick | Mind Blown 🤯 Unlocking Creativity (WTT Video Podcast)

GUEST BIO: @rkweblog

Rich Kirkpatrick: Since 2005, Rich's Blog has consistently been ranked a top blog for creatives, discussing the intersection of creativity, faith, and leadership. The aim of RKblog.com is to catalyze creative leaders with the inspiration and challenge that arrives from meaningful, life-changing conversations.
Rich’s writes to influence fellow creatives and leaders to help them think strategically and act redemptively, spurring conversations that clarify values, beliefs, and all things practical. Coaching is something Rich excels at. He has consulted and trained top leaders and professionals with effectiveness. His new book, MINDBLOWN: Unlock Your Creative Genius by Bridging Science and Magic, comes out JULY 29, 2022🎉
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