Systems and Routines That Lead to Healthy Ministries w/ Highlands Worship


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Systems, processes, routines, and schedules. Most worship leaders run and cower in fear at the mere mention of such "structured" words. We are creatives. We like our lives to be free and flowing. But the truth is, you can't have a healthy ministry without solid and effective administrative systems and routines. The results you are currently getting in your ministry are directly correlated to actions you repeatedly take. So what sort of actions do you need to start taking to get better results?

Thankfully, today I am talking to Chris and Tyler from Highlands Worship. Church of the Highlands is known as a "systems church", and through intentionally designed systems they've been able to grow to 60,000 people! In this episode, I talk with Chris and Tyler about the systems they have in place to bring about health in their worship ministry. Take a listen and be inspired!

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