Deborah Lynn Jacobson


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Episode 90 Deborah Lynn Jacobson
In October, 1989, California resident Deborah Lynn Jacobson, or Debbie as she was known to family and friends, had a lot going for her. The 24 year-old mother of two was enjoying her life as a mom, and had just embarked on a new career in the medical field. Following a divorce, she had started a relationship, and moved in together with John Christopher Smith. On the surface, the new relationship seemed to be going well, but behind the scenes, the relationship was in trouble, and Debbie was planning to leave. She never got that chance. On October 29, 1989 just a week after she went missing, her body was found floating in the SF Bay. She had been shot and her remains tied to a car transmission and thrown off the San Mateo Bridge. Police quickly zeroed in on Debbie's boyfriend John who was arrested, but it turned out, John had help covering up the murder. Debbie's sister Miles discusses this heartbreaking case with us and talks about California House Bill 643, a law created with the help of Debbie's sister Sonia, to help educate young people on healthy dating habits, and how to spot warning signs of impending intimate partner violence.
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