228: How to Write an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile


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Increasingly, LinkedIn is a crucial part of the hiring process. Whether employers are vetting you for a position you’ve applied for or seeking out candidates with the credentials they require, they ARE most definitely looking at your LI profile.

Today, we’re specifically covering strategies for writing an outstanding LI headline. This is the “tag line” that goes directly underneath your name at the top of your profile – and it is prime real estate.

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1. Don’t use the default.

One of the biggest errors you can make on your LI headline is allowing LI to default to your current job title and employer.

You have 220 characters to create a compelling headline; don’t waste it. I’ll be going over how best to leverage these 220 characters in this episode.

2. What are we trying to communicate in the headline?

Your LI headline should communicate the following:

-Who you are (your current or aspirational title, or the essence of your work)

-What you do (How you add value to an organization)

-Results you’ve produced (The results of the value you’ve added)

-Credibility or proof (Evidence of what you’ve said about yourself)

3. Have a headline strategy in mind.

For example:

-If your current job title is the same job title you are job searching for, then start with that title | Your value proposition or keywords


Human Resources Manager | Delivering transformational leadership as a strategic partner | Proactively addressing issues and developing processes that solve complex business problems and enhance bottom-line results (213 characters)

With Keywords:

Human Resources Director | Professional in Human Resources (PHR) | Professional Certified Coach (PCC) | Strong international HR leadership | Experience with M&A, Spinoffs, Startups (180 characters)

-If you are not actively job searching and want to leverage your LI profile for sales or other business, then start with your job title and company name | Your value proposition or keywords


Sales Leader, ABC Supply | Driving excellence in customer satisfaction with exceptional products, superior service after the sale, and generous referral incentives (163 characters)


Sales Director, ABC Supply | Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of commercial and residential kitchen and bath products from Kitchenaid, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, Bosch, Jacuzzi | Serving the greater Chicagoland area (210 characters)

-If you are overtly job searching, then include your target job title as much as you legitimately can | Your value proposition or keywords (but never include Looking for Work or Seeking Opportunities) – divorce yourself from your current employer


Transformational Leader in Human Resources & Talent Acquisition | Delivering human capital and talent acquisition efforts that improve retention rates, reduce hiring costs, and increase profitability (199 characters)


Transformational Human Resources & Talent Acquisition Leader | Workforce Planning | Pipeline Development | HRIS | Streamlining TA processes, improving retention rates, and reducing hiring costs (193 characters)

-If you are unemployed, you can (and should) be overt. You don’t have a current job title, so you want to make sure your target job title is included in your headline.


Mechanical Engineer | Extensive technical background, strong problem-solving skills, and the ability to see around corners | Streamlining processes | Educating and empowering team members (188 characters)


Mechanical Engineer | Advanced Thermodynamics | Advanced Fluid Mechanics | Human Robotic Systems | Optical Engineering | Metamaterials | Extreme Materials | Analytics & Statistical Learning | Engineering Finance (211 characters)

-If you are looking to make a career pivot and are doing so covertly, massage your current job title towards what you are looking for | Include keywords for your new career as much as possible

Example: (currently in marketing; wants to move into sales)

Sales & Marketing Leader | Delivering exceptional sales support with marketing strategy and collateral | Experience with Salesforce | Strong business development skills | Competitive drive to succeed (199 characters)


Sales & Marketing Leader, B2B and B2C | Salesforce | Sales Support | Business Development | Social Media Marketing | Marketing Collateral | Lead-Generation | Account Management (176 characters)

In summary, your LinkedIn headline should NOT be your current job title and employer. Think like a recruiter who would be searching on LI for someone like you – what would cause them to stop searching and spend time on your profile?

If you are job searching, include your aspirational job title as closely as you can.

Finally, don’t try to cover too much real estate with your headline. Rather than appearing capable of a lot of things, it will likely make you look unfocused.

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