E480: The 4-Step Plan to Retire in 10 Years


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About 18 months ago, Jodie Cook sold her business and wrote a book about the ten-year journey that led her there. She has determined the four main steps that help entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom without sacrificing personal time.


  • Jodie’s e-commerce background - 2:40
  • The framework of The Ten Year Career - 4:39
  • How ego keeps your business from growing - 7:18
  • How to get from Execute to Systemize - 7:56
  • The upside of delegating - 11:29
  • How to know when you’re on the Scrutinize step - 13:45
  • How to prepare for the best possible exit - 15:22
  • What pushed Jodie to sell her business - 21:44
  • The wrong reasons to exit your business - 24:40

You can check out Jodie’s book, The Ten Year Career: Reimagine Business, Design Your Life, Fast Track Your Freedom on Amazon. It’s a great addition to any online business owner’s bookshelf. You can also find out where you are in your career by taking the quiz on the book’s companion site.

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