EP#1: WAHID AZAL on the Esoteric Lady Fatima AS in Gnostic Shia & Folk Tradition + the Islamic Divine Feminine


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In this first episode Ramadan special, Shaykh Wahid Azal joins us for an in depth discussion on Fatima Zahra AS, daughter of Prophet Muhammad SAW, who – highly revered in the Gnostic Shia traditions – is seen as the embodiment of Laylat al Qadr (the Night of Power). We also discuss concepts of the goddess and divine feminine in Islamic theology, folk magic traditions and plants associated with Lady Fatima including the well known khamsa symbol, and so much more. We end with some great conversations on where a Sunni could begin bridging their understandings of Shia tradition, gender on the spiritual plane and advice for practicing Muslim magic in this day and age.
Episode artwork titled ‘Laylat'ul Qadr’ by the late Roya Azal (AY).

Detailed show notes listing all the resources, links and invocations mentioned in this episode are available on the Barzakh Patreon.


Wahid Azal is an independent scholar with expertise in the areas of Islamic magical and occult texts and manuscripts, Shi'ism, Sufism, Islamic philosophy, and heterodox syncretic currents, such as the post-Islamic gnostic religion of the Bayān. He is also a seasoned political activist as well as the founder and present Grand Shaykh of the Fātimiya Sufi Order. Widowed in 2019, he now lives with his daughter in Queensland, Australia. His work can be found on his academia.edu page. Blog.


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