The Afterlife Chronicles and Beyond


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Selected by Feedspot as one of the ”Top 25 Afterlife Podcasts” in 2021. It‘s ranked as #13. Afterlife Chronicles Radio Facebook: @afterlifechroniclesandbeyond Nicole Strickland Facebook: @authornicolestrickland Twitter: @sdprsnicole Instagram: @authornicolestrickland Cultures from all over the world express belief in life after death. In fact, the afterlife is one concept that unifies people from all walks of life. Human connection is fostered through universal experiences with the afterlife and beyond. Through ongoing study and extraordinary experiences, we are seeing evidence that the human soul survives and evolves after physical death. Perhaps, it’s the core of what the spirit world is trying to impart to the living realm – the eternal connection between mortality and the afterlife showcased in the purest of ways. This radio program is an extension of Nicole Strickland’s book, The Afterlife Chronicles: Exploring the Connection between Life, Death and Beyond. The hour-long show examines various concepts relative to the afterlife, such as near-death encounters (NDEs), collective consciousness, spirit guides, grief and loss, etc. In an educating and inspiring style, guests from differing backgrounds will share their amazing experiences with the spirit world and beyond. The show will elaborate on the inherent messages and everlasting impacts these encounters have had on individuals, groups and the world at large. Through discussion, “The Afterlife Chronicles with Nicole Strickland” aspires to get people thinking of the spirit world and beyond in positive, healing ways. “Bridging the gap between mortality and the afterlife one experience at a time.” one-hour episodes; the show will occasionally branch out to other supernatural categories, such as cryptids / cryptozoology, ufology, hauntings, psi phenomena, the occult, etc. 1. Engaging guests from all walks of life – paranormal researchers, medical practitioners, NDE experiencers / researchers, educators, actors, spiritual leaders, psychic mediums, etc. – any person who’s had an extraordinary experience with the afterlife and beyond is welcome on this show.

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