Business Gift Giving: How It Can Make A Difference


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Susan PaytonIvana TaylorThe Holiday is fast approaching and gift giving is top of mind for many. When you’re in business, the task of gift giving can be quite daunting regarding client and customer gifts to express your thanks. What is appropriate? How much should you spend?

These questions and more are about to be answered for you.

Holiday Business Gift Giving GuideSusan Payton of Egg Marketing and Communications and Ivana Taylor of DIYMarketers join Anita Campbell to discuss the art of business gift giving and, particularly, how it can make a difference for your small business.

Below are the questions we asked Susan and Ivana:

  • (1:40) Susan, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (2:07) Ivana, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
  • (3:41) Giving gift to employees, customers, clients, service providers – why do you do that, Susan? Why is that important?
  • (5:22) How do you decide how much to give? Susan, can you talk a bit about that?
  • (6:31) Some might consider that a bit controversial. Is that a hard rule of thumb or just one way to approach it?
  • (7:46) Some people like to give gifts to say, their postal worker. Are there rules of thumb about what can be given there? Ivana, can you elaborate on that?
  • (9:54) If you’re on a tight budget, but your budget is only $15 per person, what can you get for $15 dollars, Susan?
  • (12:21) How can you make your gift stand out? Susan, if you’ve got dozens of customers and clients that you need to give gifts to, should you personalize them, what should you do?
  • (14:23) Let’s talk about mistakes. What are some things that you should NOT do, Susan?
  • (17:10) Susan, tell us about re-gifting? Is it an absolute no-no?
  • (18:08) How do you prevent overlooking someone? What do you recommend?
  • (19:48) Let’s talk about business books as a gift. Susan, I read that you have never received a book as a gift, is that right?
  • (22:22) What kinds of books would you recommend and how do you recommend people find books?
  • (23:55) Are there any particular business books that come to mind, Ivana?
  • (26:14) Any book come to mind that you would recommend, Susan?
  • (26:45) In terms of ebook readers, Ivana, any quick recommendations there? Which ones are the best?
  • (28:01) Susan, any quick 60 second tip for people?
  • (28:28) Where can people find out more?

* * * * *

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