Rep. Jim Jordan: Every First Amendment Liberty Has Been Assaulted in the Past Year


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Sara sounds the alarm on a new Biden administration program encouraging Americans to report their family members and friends if they appear to be extremists, but Sara says the government will define "extremist" based on who you support politically.
She also welcomes Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan to discuss his legislation to rein in big tech and hold those firms accountable for smothering the free speech rights of conservative Americans. He also alerts Sara to how congressional Democrats are planning to consolidate power in government and the big tech firms while pretending to crack down.
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FBI Abuses Innocent People
Jordan: I actually brought this up with the FBI director. You saw what happened up in Alaska where this couple the Hooper's were, their door was kicked in. They were held at gunpoint handcuffs and interrogated for four hours. Turned out, they hadn't even been in the Capitol on January 6, they that the FBI had the wrong couple. And they took their phones their laptop, and they took their pocket sized copy of the United States Constitution. And it's, it's like, this is scary stuff.
Sara: Well, they take the constitution like it's a bad thing. Like if you walk around if you have an American flag, you're like some kind of radical.
Left Eroding Fundamental Freedoms
Jordan: Well I mean you think about the last year Sarah every every Liberty we enjoy under the First Amendment has been assaulted every single one and you got you got five basic rights fundamental rights under the First Amendment right to practice your face right to assemble right to petition freedom of press freedom of speech, everyone has been attacked. I tell the story that no thinking of one of those your right to assemble. Five weeks ago I spoke to the to the New Mexico Republican Party. But I spoke to him in Amarillo, Texas, because they had to go to Texas as you were just talking about the great state, they had to go to Texas to get freedom because they weren't allowed to assemble in their own state because of their democratic governor. So and on and on, you could go and of course your speech rights are your most fundamental. So we're concerned about what big tech is doing and we got to we got to put a stop to it.
Cuba’s Neighbor vs. Neighbor Might Be Happening Here
Sara: But Maria was really good. She would always be watching everyone, she have our little spies out there. So all the neighbors would be watching because Maria wants to get like brownie points from the government. She's like, you know, there's a lot of words for a person like that. And I'm not going to say them here, because your children may be in the car listening to this. But then what would happen is if she suspected or somebody that hey, Maria got some idea that you have something and a neighbor would come over, then my cousin and her family would have to take the food out of the wherever they kept it in the fridge and a cooler, they would have to bury it out in the yard somewhere, or destroy it, or bury it and hope it wouldn't go bad because then the government officials would come over and start ransacking our house, looking for that one steak. Think about living your life like that. That's what we're actually doing to each other here. It's not going to stop there.
Democrats’ Big Tech “Reforms”
Jordan: This week, there's going to be a markup on Wednesday in the House Judiciary Committee of six bills brought forward by the Democrats. Those pieces of legislation purport to do what we've described to to help us deal with big tech. But they do nothing to address the censorship. They didn't do nothing to really break them up. What they do do is empower big government, which I think is now going to collude with big tech even more to think about this. Do you really think here's the sponsors of the legislation? David siciliana, Jerry narrow Hakeem Jeffries and Jonah goose for impeachment managers. Do you feel that you really think they want President Trump to be back on the platforms and being able to communicate with the American people in the way that he always did? You really think the same party that had two members of two democrat members of Congress write a letter to the big carriers, saying take Fox News, take one American news take Newsmax off your platforms? Do you think they really want to stop the censorship of conservatives?

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