Episode 208 : Dem Franchize Boyz Parlae on Snap Era in Atlanta, White Tee Craze, Gucci Mane, Charleston White+More


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Dem Franchize Boyz Parlae on Snap Era in Atlanta, White Tee Craze, Gucci Mane, Charleston White+More


00:00 RealLyfe intro

00:15 Parlae intro

01:02 Parlae on starting his own podcast during the pandemic

02:45 Parlae on the history of Atlanta

04:37 Parlae on the neighborhoods of Atlanta and what is considered really Atlanta

06:25 Parlae on Dem Franchize Boyz coming up in Atlanta

09:07 Parlae on Dem Franchize Boyz being underground

10:09 Parlae on making music for Pool Palace and getting called "snap music"

11:07 Parlae on the hardest verse on I Think They Like Me remix

12:01 Parlae on the White Tee trend and inventing the Tall T movement

13:30 Parlae on embracing the culture, , Black T remix Gucci Mane, choosing to rap about partying instead of street life, being a real gansta

14:55 Parlae on Black T with Gucci Mane

15:30 Parlae on Shop Boyz starting the skinny jeans trend and European fashion

17:11 Parlae on Atlanta's fashion evolution

18:47 Parlae on supporting different hood's music in Atlanta and going viral before the internet

20:48 Parlae on Millenium tour

22:09 Parlae on inventing the Lean With It Rock With It dance

25:50 Parlae on naming Dem Franchize Boyz and Atlanta creating different genres

28:54 Parlae on Dallas' Boogie era

29:33 Parlae on drill music culture

30:47 Parlae on Memphis producing stars

32:29 Parlae on artists moving to Atlanta to make it in music

34:08 Parlae on Black wealth in Atlanta

37:27 Parlae on gang violence in Atlanta

40:29 Parlae on the DA persecuting in Atlanta, the internet incriminating people

42:44 Parlae on focusing on morals and codes on his podcast instead of gossip-based content

46:11 Parlae on getting personal on his podcast

47:47 Parlae on Charleston White

49:16 Parlae on Charleston White beef with TI and crossing the line to personal

51:04 Parlae on podcast guests

52:17 Parlae on flying a chick out he's never seen

53:14 Parlae on taking a girl to meet his family

54:22 Parlae on the father who bought only his son McDonalds

55:39 Parlae on paying for a babysitter

56:44 Parlae closeout

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