Episode #260: Casmon Capital Group, Investor Avatars, and Marketing with John Casmon


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Welcome to another episode of Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate! Today we are joined by the incredible founder of the Casmon Capital Group, John Casmon to discuss all things investment! John has had an extensive career; from marketing for massive corporate companies to sharing knowledge with people wanting to invest in real estate. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about John’s career, his company Casmon Capital and what they are currently focused on, and the company’s two-pronged approach. We delve into the importance of controlling the exit, finding a good balance between cash flow and appreciation, and why a brand is defined by other people. John gives the best possible explanation of an investor avatar and shares amazing advice on how to create one specific to your needs and why having one is essential. Finally, John tells us where he sees Casmon Capital Group in five years before sharing invaluable advice with listeners. You don’t want to miss this conversation!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, John Casmon.
  • What led John to Casmon Capital from doing marketing with big corporate clients.
  • The markets Casmon Capital is currently focused on and what their two-pronged approach is.
  • Why investors want to find properties that are more cash flow heavy.
  • The importance of ‘controlling the exit.’
  • John explains the avatar investor and how to create one specific to your needs.
  • Why a brand is defined by what other people think about you.
  • The importance of having an investor avatar.
  • John suggests how to keep investors ready for when there is something for them to invest in.
  • Where John sees Casmon Capital in five years.
  • John shares advice for listeners wanting to invest and take their investments to the next level.

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