The Age of Unpeace


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In his newly released book “The Age of Unpeace: How Connectivity causes Conflict” ECFR director Mark Leonard explains how many of the forces that we thought would bring us together have ended up driving us apart. Trade, technology, the internet, and travel were once promised to create a global village but have instead created an era of “unpeace”, where the distinctions between war and peace are breaking down. In this week’s episode, Mark Leonard becomes the guest of his own podcast to talk with ECFR’s Asia programme director Janka Oertel about the main themes of his book and particularly how China’s growing role in this interconnected world poses threats for Europe. This podcast was recorded on 16 September 2021. Further reading: Age of Unpeace by Mark Leonard “The Afghan tragedy and the age of unpeace” by Mark Leonard Bookshelf: “Doom” by Neil Ferguson “Shutdown. How Covid Shook the World’s Economy” by Adam Tooze Move by Parag Khanna “Renewal: From crisis to transformation in our lives, work, and politics” by Anne Marie Slaughter “China unbound: a new world disorder” by Joanna Chiu

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