2022 Sept 30 The Bryan Hyde Show


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Ever get the sense that everything you were raised to value is somehow under attack? Brian Bumbalo has some sage advice for conservatives who are defending their mountaintop.

There's always a bit of an undercurrent for greater gun control flowing through American society. J.B. Shurk reminds us why our gun rights make for good manners and safe nations.

Idaho mom Sara Brady has been awaiting trial for nearly two and a half years now on a contrived trespassing charge after taking her kids to the park during the lockdowns. She joins me to discuss her case and the state's refusal to hold a trial or dismiss the charge.

The January 6 show trials are intended to set the stage for the delegitimization and then criminalization of political dissent. Jack Cashill has an excellent take on why Ray Epps matters to those trying to keep the official narrative alive.

It's strange how so many of us grew up without unfettered access to sexually explicit material in our school libraries. As Jay Greene explains, the question of who decides what children read is more important than we think.

The recently elected Italian prime minister is a strong indicator that pushback agains the great reset is growing. Brandon Smith says with anti-globalism going mainstream, another engineered disaster is about to strike.


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