Sunday, October 3, 2021 - Up the ZAMBEZI without a paddle!


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It's hard not to like a puzzle that manages to work in 63A, Final creature encountered in "Dr. Seuss's ABC", ZIZZERZAZZERZUZZ, on its way to working a grand total of 40 (count 'em) Z'S into the grid, a genuine tour de forze, um, we mean force. Jean had trouble in the upper right, in particular with 33A, Jurisdiction of a Catholic Church official, DEANERY crossing with 34D, Kilt-wearing Greek infantryman, EVZONE (really?). Mike, meanwhile, worn out by having worked on this puzzle for an embarrassingly large number of hours ( listen to the podcast if you really want to know!), totally missed the point of 86A, Opportunities to win a vacation on "Wheel of Fortune", PRIZEPUZZLES, instead going for PRICEPUZZLES, unfamiliar, as he was, with the crossing 87D, Victoria Falls river, ZAMBEZI, thinking instead that it was CAMBEZI.
So, a tough puzzle, with a lot of naticks, but with bonus points for so much RAZZLEDAZZLE, it still earns a 5 squares on the JAMCR scale.

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